My Learning Transcript

   Esri MOOC - Massive Open Online Course



W E B   C O U R S E S


       Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro                    Completed: October 19, 2016

       Telling Stories with GIS Maps                   
 Completed: September 30, 2016 

       Getting Information from a GIS Map          Completed: September 28, 2016

        Exploring GIS Maps                                     Completed: September 26, 2016 

        Getting Started with GIS                                Completed: September 16, 2016


        Using Python in ArcGIS Desktop 10      
   Completed: March 8, 2013

        Python for Everyone                                
   Completed: February 15, 2013  


          Getting Started with GIS (for ArcGIS 10.0)                 
Completed: September 14, 2011

          Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems                    
    Completed: September 2, 2011

                          Using ArcMap in ArcGIS Desktop 10                           

    Completed: August 5, 2011

         Turning Data into Information Using ArcGIS 10.0       

             Completed: June 24, 2011

  L e s s o n s   


Get Started with ArcGIS Earth

Explore the world with ArcGIS Earth                                                                     March 25, 2017

Get Started with Imagery

View the world with Landsat imagery.                                                                     March 04, 2017

Assess Burn Scars with Satellite Imagery

Calculate a burn index using imagery bands to measure fires in Montana.         January 15, 2017


Get Started with ArcMap

Map the impact of roads on deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.                    December 29, 2016

Get Started with ArcGis Pro

Create 2D and 3D maps to analyze flooding in Venice, Italy.                                November 02, 2016